You have a great story to tell?



You have a great story to tell; you want all your potential customers to know what you have to offer.

You need to have some great sales literature, and you have some ideas but need some help - you need a copywriter!

I will research your product or service to present it in the best way possible - and encourage your clients to continue to give their custom to you.

Every piece of written work needs checking - its common sense, but not always done.

Proofreading helps eliminate those embarrassing mistakes like misspelt words or poor grammar while also catching formatting issues and contradictions in the text.

Editing documents and advertising literature can also pick up on what has been missed out - such as the time, date or venue for an event.

These errors occur on a regular basis because no one has proofread or edited the original copy.

Don't let it happen to you - talk to me about proofreading your materials and have the peace of mind of knowing your copy says what you want it to say!

The whole world seems to operate via websites today - so how does your website compare to your competitors?

Good websites have great content - and with the drift from looking at websites on computers to mobile phones and tablets, you have to be ahead of the game.

Writing content for websites is my passion; I love seeing websites with clear content, interesting graphics and captivating photographs.

Getting web content right for your audience is as important as any leaflet you may produce and arguably far more so. After all, more and more people look for products and services online now before buying so your site needs to be the one where they linger - and buy!

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